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We are passionate about empowering other Christian leaders to achieve their objectives.

Bertram & Ross Media Group offers extensive coaching that empowers you to create, develop, distribute, and market your message or product.

Making your dreams a reality!

Speaking Protocols

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Booked

Bertram & Ross Media Group will not only help you develop your message, style, strategy and system for gaining referrals, but we will also show you how to stay booked all year long.

Speaking Protocols (Why, How, What, When)

Get Booked!

Get Published

Get Media Exposure

Negotiation and Fee Structures

Role Play & Critique

Becoming YOUR best YOU!


Whether you want to get your book traditionally published or self-published, Bertram & Ross Media Group will assist you in making the best decisions for you and your project. From concept to distribution and marketing, our team will show you how to get published and sell books!


Branding is crucial. Don’t fade into obscurity. The experts at Bertram & Ross Media Group will help you define your message, your mission, and your methods. Your brand will take you places and open great doors of opportunity.

TV/ Radio Exposure

Get the media exposure you deserve. Bertram & Ross Media Group offers training and connections that get you on the air.

Get where you need to be…

Marketing and Social Media

Grow your TRIBE…

Your social media platform will determine who you can reach for sales, promotions, events and support. Let us take the confusion out of the process and train you and your staff to reach the masses.

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