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Our Story

Robin Bertram, Deborah Ross and their team of experts have joined forces to foster your success!

Bertram and Ross Media Group brings media, creative and business directives to you through private coaching, seminars, conferences and an array of online resources.

We’re committed to bringing solutions that meet your needs.

Our philosophy begins with the goal of helping you discover the quickest, most effective and, without question, the most impactful passageway to accomplish your dream.

We believe, if you have a desire to do it, it will be done – and we can help you DO IT!

With 50+ years of media experience, Bertram and Ross Media Group has culminated a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, resources and connections that will give your vision unprecedented momentum.

We Are Cultivating Kingdom Professionals!

In today’s world, media is the best way to convey your message or promote your platform.

With such a wide variety of media outlets, anyone with a mission can reach the masses in a way that was unattainable for most in recent years past.

Bertram and Ross Media Group will help you make use of every known tool for accomplishing your goals.

The doors are opened wide.

Let’s begin!

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