Build Your Social Media Platform

1. Post daily.

2. Go LIVE.

3. Post memes (photos with inspiring words).

4. Post quotes.

5. Make it FUN and EXCITING.

6.  Interview  friends who have written a new book, new show, new film…etc.

7. Get a friend and talk about the benefits of connection.

8. Post inspirational scriptures.

9. Post quotes about creativity

10. Constantly add guests to your page.

11. Post photos of past events, video’s.

12. Post interesting articles about media.

13. Discuss plans for your minsitry, what you plan to offer for the upcoming events…

15. Encourage and allow posting of members but you monitor those posts.

16. Get your friends talking to each other on the page.

17. Start discussions with your ministry team on the page.

18. Assign someone from your team who loves social media to be in charge.

19. Repost posts from reliable media outlets. 


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