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Frequently Asked Questions


Bertram & Ross Media Group can help you garner TV interviews for your new book.

We can also help you create, develop and execute production of your own television program

Need placement for your television program? We’ll get you connected with networks who may be interested.


Bertram & Ross Media Group can help you secure the right radio interviews that highlight your book, message, testimony, remedy or platform.

Perhaps you are interested in hosting your own radio talk show? Bertram & Ross Media Group can help you design, implement and even get placement for your radio show.


Whether your book is waiting to be written or already penned, Bertram & Ross Media Group can help make your work a published reality.

You’ll need a killer proposal, a great query letter, a strong outline and the perfect pitch.

You’ll also need connections.

Our goal is to help you succeed!


• NRB • 700 Club • CTN • CBN • TCT • WATC • Daystar • Atlanta Live • Dove Niteline • The Good Life • Herman & Sharron • Bridges • Cornerstone • Visibly Fit TV • Babbie’s House • Friends and Neighbors • Julie and Friends • A Time for Hope • Freedom Today • Visibly Fit Television • SkyWatch TV • Homekeepers • Atlanta Seniors • The Christian View • WAXN Voice for Truth • WTVI • Faith Unveiled Network • ISAAC TV • The Now Network • International Christian Family Network • KITV Network • KAZQ TV 32 • Inspirational Network • WBPI – The Watchman • Sid Roth… more!

Bertram & Ross Media Group has decades of connections with top media outlets – from secular to Christian. We can help you get your foot in the door, train you for success, coach you on the do’s and don’t’s and even get you booked.


Charisma News • Charisma Magazine • Bible Gateway • Hope is Now • LivingBetter50 • Patheos • Kontagious Magazine • The Modern Woman’s Life Magazine • Whoa • The Christian View • Bible Gateway • Crosswalk • More…

Whether your goal is to write articles, get interviewed or to run advertisements, Bertram & Ross Media Group is here to help. We can train, mentor, proof-read, edit and even connect you to the right outlets that want to hear what you have to say.

Let your voice be heard!


SIRIUS XM RADIO FAMILY TALK • Choose Life Radio • KAJNTALK • WHCN WLOM 92.7 • WHCB Radio • Faith Radio • On Point Talk Radio • The Valder Beebe Show • Water through the Word • More…


Charisma House • Abingdon Press • Creation House • More…


Christian Women in Media • Global Media Summit • Proverbs 31, Compel • The Woman2Woman Ministry • Narroway Productions • Paramount Carowinds • Dance Masters of America • Project Dance • Miss NC Pageant • Miss Mississippi Pageant • WBPS – Public Broadcasting • SBC Evangelists • More…


We want to work with you!